Game description

Play the Puppy love 3D slot game online free. You are a just adore their beautiful eyes and soul to play puppy dog lover? If the answer is yes, then this video slot machine is what you are looking for. The 3D video slots, puppy love, is all about dogs, puppies, which explains the name of the slot. Once the player has to open the game, they’ll see the whole game inspired interface.


Puppy love by the online gambling industry is one of the masters Betsoft 3D video games powered 3D slot game. This is why a combination, players will be able to enjoy the immersive and captivating experience to the wonderful 3D graphics and symbols can be a combination is quite an excitement whenever they win 3D animation section.

For starters, there are beautiful color shape a dog house, the slot machines. Food bag in the form of console buttons, which also strongly affected by the theme of the dog coin value button occasion, spin it and come up with more dog bone. Symbol, they include a lot of beautiful dog, with charming eyes, dog house, dog food plate, puppies for sale sign and dog collars. These symbols in 20 rows and the game has provided 5 volumes landed.

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